Harry Schulting Games once again granted Permit Meeting status

The Dutch Atletiekunie has granted the Harry Schulting Games the ‘National Permit Meeting’ status once again. The Harry Schulting Games is one of the four track and field competitions in the Netherlands that is considered a World Athletics’ category E competition. Due to this status, athletes can earn extra points for the World Ranking list and, based on their position on this list, directly qualify for international tournaments.

Foto: Max Kooijmans
Picture: Max Kooijmans

Harry Schulting Games 2020 programme

When thinking about the Harry Schulting Games you will most likely think about the 400 metres hurdles, which is the event associated with Harry Schulting himself. This event will obviously be included again in this year’s programme. Apart from that, this year too there will be wind assistance in the jumping and sprinting events, heats and finals, and rabbits who will ensure a sound pace for long-distance events. See the full programme of events here.

This year, the Harry Schulting Games will take place on Thursday 21 May!