Information HSG 2024

Dear athletes,

We kindly request your attention to the following points for the upcoming Harry Schulting Games on Thursday, May 9, 2024.

Access, check-in en payment of registration fee: each athlete must personally collect their bib numbers from the bib distribution desk on the 1st floor of the clubhouse, no later than 1 hour before the start of the event. For the latest version of the schedule, please refer to

• Reserves will be accommodated until Thursday morning, May 9, 10:00 AM. o After this time, no reserves will be allowed.

  • To cancel your participation, please notify us by email at before Thursday morning, May 9, 10:00 AM. Starting from 10:00 AM, you can cancel via phone at +31611747927 (Daniëlle Gorgels).
  • Payment of registration fee: if you cancel after the registration period has expired (May 2, 2024), the registration fee will not be refunded or the registration fee will remain due. Rejected athletes or reserves who ultimately cannot participate are entitled to a refund of the registration fee.Call room

    You must report to each event on time as an athlete. This time is indicated on as the ‘Callroom reporting time.’ These current times can be found by clicking on the event in the schedule on NOTE: There is no callroom, but you report to the event.

    Wind Advantage

    We strive to provide you, as athletes, with optimal conditions for top performances, which means that we will align the direction for sprinting, short hurdle events and long jump/triple jump with the prevailing wind direction. Our 8-lane athletics track with double electronic timing is ready for this. Let’s hope the wind is in our favor.

    Heat and Lane Assignments for Running Events

    The drawing for heat and lane assignments will be conducted under the responsibility of the competition director, following the competition regulations. The series order is as follows: the slowest series starts first and the fastest last. The heat assignments will be finalized only after the close of check-in time on the day of the event. The heat assignments can be found on

    In the 800m and 1500m we do our best to arrange a pacer for each serie.

    Transition Rules for Sprint and Short Hurdle Events

    In the 100m hurdles (women), 110m hurdles (men), 100m (men), and 100m (women) events, each participant will have the opportunity to run twice. The heat assignment will be based on performance, with the first round determined by the declared performance and the second round (final) based on the times recorded in the heats.

    Equipment Inspection

    Personal throwing equipment (shot puts) can be continuously submitted at the equipment storage (located at the back of the indoor facility) starting from 2:00 PM until no later than 1 hour before the start of the event. The throwing equipment will be inspected, certified, and collected, along with the rest of the throwing equipment, for the respective events.

    Long Jump, Triple Jump and Shotput

    Participants in long jump, triple jump, and shot put are entitled to three attempts. The top 8 participants with valid performances will receive three additional attempts. Para-athletes will receive three additional attempts regardless. Only the 9- and 11-meter boards will be used for the triple jump.

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Starting and increment heights for Pole Vault:

Women: 3.40m – 3.55m – 3.70m – 3.85m – 4.00m – 4.10m – 4.20m + 5 cm
Men: 4.30m – 4.50m – 4.70m – 4.85m – 5.00m – 5.10m – 5.20m – 5.30m – 5.40m – 5.50m – 5.60m + 5 cm

Awards/best performance of the day/new track record

After the event, the prize winners will receive a card to collect the prize money at the bib number desk. There is also a prize for the best performance of the day for men, women, and emerging talent. This will be awarded on the infield after the competition. The prize money is: 75 euros – 50 euros – 25 euros for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place*. Best performance of the day: 200 euros for the best performance of the day among men, women, and emerging talent.

*The prizes per event in 2024 are respectively €75, €50, and €25 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, provided there are at least 7 participants at the start of the event; with 5 or 6 participants, there are two prizes (€75 and €50); with 3 or 4 participants, there is one prize (€75).

Changing rooms, massage, warm-up

The changing rooms are located in the left section of the facility, as seen from the main entrance. The first and second glass doors provide access to the changing rooms on the ground floor and first floor (near the second entrance). The massage and physiotherapy area is also located in the left section of the facility, near the first glass door/entrance. The warm-up can take place on the two auxiliary fields (the throwing field at the back of the parking lot on the edge of the forest or across the athletics track) or in the adjacent forest for middle-distance runners. The competition field is only accessible to athletes and officials participating in or officiating the events. Other individuals are not allowed to enter the infield.


Press members (photographers, journalists, etc.) should report to the bib distribution desk on the 1st floor of the clubhouse and may only access the competition field while wearing a press vest.


Protests must be initially submitted verbally to the referee (or possibly the competition director) by the athlete themselves or someone acting on their behalf. Protests regarding the result or conduct of an event or any other matters must be submitted within 30 minutes after the official announcement of the competition result.

Address Details

The address of the sports park is: Sportlaan 1, 5263 DN Vught. If it is not visible in your navigation system, please enter “Postweg, Vught.”

Other Matters

  • A general smoking ban is in effect throughout the entire sports park.
  • Refreshments, packaged snacks, and sandwiches are available for purchase from the clubhouse.If you have any further questions, please contact the organization at

    The organization wishes you the best of luck!